Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ibibo Interview Questions (,,

Interview Questions for Software Engineer Profile

Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd - May 2012


1. Linked list contain alphabets.find if it is palindrome or not
2. Array of unsorted no. is given, find triplets which satisfy a2 + b2 = c2.
3. Duplicate a linked list.


1. Sorted array cyclically right-shifted unknown no of times. find an element in it.
2. Stack which does push, pop and findMin in O(1).


1. Given 2 arrays unsorted, insert common elements in third array in O(n).
2. Given 2 arrays unsorted, insert unique elements in third array in O(n).
3. Fill n*n matrix clockwise starting from center. Write efficient code.
ex.   7   8  9
        6   1  2
        5   4  3
4. Print 2D matrix in spiral order.


1. Lots of technical questions from Resume.
2. Given three arrays A,B,C containing unsorted numbers.  Find three numbers a, b, c from each of array A, B, C such that |a-b|, |b-c| and |c-a| are minimum.


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